Yoga Immersion with the Plant Medicine

 Blog written by Stephen Boyd, founder of Mind and Movement Yoga.

 A little bit over two and a half years ago I went to the amazon jungle of Peru to experience an ayahuasca retreat. It turned out to be a very powerful experience and it deepened my understanding of many things in my life. During this retreat I met a good friend who turned out to be the founder of Pachamama Temple a year later. Since then I have been back to Peru and had the honour of meeting the family of shamans and experiencing the true magic that Pachamama Temple have to offer.


About me.

 Let me tell you a little about myself. My knowledge of yoga follows on from the lineage of Bryce Tunny, Duncan Peak and Baron Baptiste. I first began my journey into movement at the very early age of eight, learning traditional styles of martial arts, which continued on into my mid-twenties, when I turned to yoga after continuously injuring myself from constant training and sparring. My parents introduced me to meditation, which I now practice on a daily basis. I discovered that there is nothing more liberating than learning about your-self. There is no better experience than the voyage of self-discovery.

 The Yoga and Ayahuasca Combination.

 From December 9th to December 20th we offer you the opportunity to experience a yoga immersion retreat at Pachamama Temple. A powerful combination of yoga and plant medicine. This retreat has been designed to help you to make positive changes within yourself by empowering you to realise, awaken and to further apply and manifest what is of interest and importance to you. We would like to inspire you to find and fulfil your purpose and help you discover how to make these changes in a positive and fulfilling way.

 It can be difficult to cope with all the stressors of the modern world. Losing focus and direction can lead to anxiety and depression, which may result in experiencing feelings of isolation and sadness. It is very important to disconnect from the stressors that may influence you by learning how to centre and focus your thoughts. This learning will enable you to gain a clearer understanding of who you are, and very importantly, how you want to live the rest of your life.

Yoga Immersion

The Classes and Workshops.

A modern approach to traditions, using applied anatomy and functional movements as taught by me, is designed for creating true change. The classes and workshops are suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. We offer a safe, calm and supportive learning environment.

The Chinese philosophy of yin and yang applies to the yoga asana practice. In the mornings once breakfast settles, a yang style, Vinyasa (breathe with synchronised movement) class will be held. With being mindful of reserving energy levels for the evening ceremonies, this particular style of yoga will help mentally prepare you and physically re-energise you, for your day ahead.

In the evenings before ceremonies, a yin style yoga class will be held. Yin yoga is a meditative style of yoga, a nurturing slow paced practice, which consists of a series of passive yoga poses, held for a few minutes at a time, targeting the deep fascial networks.It’s calming and balancing to the mind and body, which helps lower stress levels. It regulates energy in the body, increasing stamina, which will help you mentally and physically prepare your body to sit with the Madre Ayahuasca.


The ayahuasca/entheogenic experience (sacred meditation) has some similarities to meditation, in that both allow your spirit to live. The medicine can assist you with centring yourself and further generating the divine within. By using this particular practice of meditation shown to you at this retreat, you are able to continue on with your voyage of self-discovery.  This is also a tool that you can use when you are in your own home, which can help you to reconnect to the positive attributes you experienced during your stay at Pachamama Temple.

We welcome you to our yoga immersion and plant medicine retreat! Namaste.