Good people of Pachamama family!



A few days ago, we started a campaign for Maestro Feliciano’s new home and when it was launched, we could not have dreamed of such an outcome! All the funds were collected in 2 days which was beyond our imagination! We thought that reaching the target was the hardest part, however, expressing our gratitude in plain words seems to be more of a challenge right now. We are all daily flooded with charity appeals online and there are many people that need help in the world right now, however, you helped to transform the life of one man and his entire family, and for them, you have changed the whole world. This is the best proof that Ayahausca makes us more compassionate, more generous and simply, more human. The whole Pachamama team was celebrating Feliciano’s new home as if we had won a lottery and he certainly felt like that upon receiving the news. Nothing makes us so happy as to see the lives of our fellow brothers in need being forever transformed for the better. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all of you that opened your hearts and contributed in any way to this humanitarian gesture. We wish to thank to all our friends that made any donations (to those that did it anonymously, do not think that you will get away without our blessings and immense gratitude). Thank you to everyone that shared the campaign on your social media and to everyone that engaged with your warm wishes and good vibes. It resulted in an admirable proof of human kindness and selfishness. We are proud to witness the change in the world that everyone is talking about. For us and for Feliciano, it is reality. To all of you that were in any way involved in the campaign, may life give back to you multiplied, in all aspects. One big special thank you to Rikhof family. Willem…only you know how much you have done, please accept our wholehearted gratitude. Thank you for walking the walk. We shall keep everyone updated and are hoping to share some serious building work in progress very soon. Saving one life, saves the entire world. May we all witness more triumphs like this. Please accept our apologies if this message does not give credit to our endless gratitude.

Blessings from Pachamama.