Through this traditional Spiritual Sacred practice, healing Ayahuasca became a catalyst for healing, gain insight and miracles.

safe ayahuasca
Taking Ayahuasca is life changing experience because of the dying and rebirth process involved. In fact there is beginning or an end its just a concept seeded by society into ours minds and Sacred plants reminds us we are infinity energy and energy never ends, it transforms. Great Spirit of healing teach how to connect with the Higher Source allowed one’s live life fully without fear of death. Ayahuasca confront with own shadow and hidden monsters not as flaws but opportunities to rise up,  gives understanding that fear and delusion is our projections and helps to see it clearly.
Great Spirit of Ayahuasca is full of love and understanding, reminds us about fundamental truth, what is essential and necessary for now and teaches us about unconditional love for each other. With enormous teachings from the Sacred Plant we receive guidance and direction for better version of themselves. Please check upcoming Ayahuasca Retreats.