Ayahuasca is nowadays more popular then ever and we are all witnessing Her accelerating transition from alternative to mainstream. Ayahuasca has made her way in many walks of life and, among dedicated consumers, it is not uncommon to meet individuals with hundreds of ceremonies on their spiritual resume. On top of that, approximately a thousand people every day are drinking Ayahuasca for their first time (*fact). With every cup of the powerful potion being served, each one of it’s consumers will eventually face the same old challenge – Integration

Ayahuasca has an unlimited well of wisdom and Her spirit never gets tired. Every night, now more then ever, her knowledge is present in many malokas around the world. She simultaneously and tirelessly provides us with glimpses of higher Knowledge, however, she can only do Her part of the work. Our work is up to us and nobody can walk that line but ourselves.

Ceremonies are sublime experiences, however, the intensity of the experience will eventually fade. The following morning, we will still feel the bliss of Her creation. We will continue feeling that bliss in the following weeks or maybe even months, until the density of the experience becomes so transparent that we can barely feel it anymore and need to invest mental effort to get a glimpse. Ayahuasca will show us what we need to see, where we need to go and how we can get there, but we have to take the first step towards the change, and all other steps on this journey. Ayahuasca will  show you what you are capable of, but will give you only a seed as Her farewell gift. You are responsible to water and nourish Her seed so that it can grow into an old and wise tree whose branches will keep you safe from the heat of your ego.

If one receives the seed, but does not nourish it, the seed will live as long as the experience still echoes in our hearts, and once the echo is gone, the seed will perish. Drinking cup after cup without integration is misuse as we are wasting precious seeds of wisdom. Acknowledging that successful integration of ceremonies into every day life is the actual goal of drinking the brew, we want to know what are the best tools that will help us on this uncharted territory:

MEDITATION: Whatever you see in Ayahuasca ceremonies, you can also see if you meditate long enough. It is as simple as that. Ayahausca will put you on top of the mountain, but when you wake up the following morning, you will be back in the valley. The best way to slowly but safely reach that top again is through consistent meditation. Meditation is the most gentle and subtle way to gradually integrate your ceremonies through steady inner growth. Any meditation practice that suites your inner wellbeing is a good meditation practice.

NATURE: Nature heals. Nature is the body of the Creation. Observing nature is our direct link with the creative power of all existence. Ayahausca will deepen your relationship with nature and you should spend enough time surrounded by and contemplating on it. It will help you stay in touch with your true self and keep you in tuned with the Medicine.

AYAHUASCA DIARY: Keeping a diary of your Ayahuasca experiences is a very good tool for later integration. Writing notes with your mind fresh after a ceremony will lock the wisdom of self-sincerity and serve you as a reminder, once the feelings fade away. Always write down your insights and make sure to open those notes every once in a while, to remind yourself what you are actually capable of.

MUSIC: If you have a favourite playlist that moves and inspires you, listening to it during your retreat might create powerful memories and strong triggers for your Ayahausca insights. The mind works together with the senses and it will “link” your Ayahausca experience to any sensory perception. Unless you overdo it, having an “Ayahuasca playlist” that will instantly teleport you back to the maloca, can be a very faithful integration friend.

READING: Good reading is the best food for Ayahausca seeds. Reading texts with spiritual and self-development content will help you keep up with the ongoing changes and will be good guides in training your mind.

OVERALL HEALTH: Mens sana in corpore sano (lat. for “Healthy spirit in healthy body” or “Healthy body = healthy spirit”). We all know this, yet we all often find excuses not to take good care of our physical bodies. Our body is a precious gift that was given to us as our personal vessel towards self-realisation. Our physical self is craving body and spirit friendly food, exercise and environment. Nourishing the body will remove many obstacles towards our inner growth.

DAILY INTROSPECTION: Examining your thoughts on a daily level is of crucial importance. No Ayahuasca ceremony will help you achieve permanent change unless you change your thought patterns. And that comes only through regular practice. We must drop our negative thought patterns and replace them with new ones. The mind is reality in creation. Altering our thought patterns alters our reality and then our whole life becomes one steady ceremony.

We hope that these guidelines will help you in successfully integrating your divine experiences. The more enthusiastic you become in reaching your higher self, the sooner you will get there. Dedicate your time to actions that serve your highest good and Ayahuasca will follow you on that path. Maloka is the classroom, we are all students and Ayahuasca powerful Teacher. Just like any other teacher, it will ask you to do your homework. If you don’t do your homework outside the temple, she will not allow you to go to the next level, no matter how many times you visit Her. Next level comes only after the previous has been integrated.


  • In Pachamama temple we offer post-retreat integration support. Our team has psychotherapy experience and many uncharted integrations behind that pushed us to embrace a more gentle approach to after Ayahuasca life. Having realised how challenging spiritual change is and that growth sometimes comes with a high price tag, we are slowly learning to adopt more peaceful integrations and are willing to share our experiences and provide support. We have walked that path and, with our sincere advice, can help you navigate your integration better.