Hello beautiful souls!

Lately at Pachamama Temple we are intensely preparing for the upcoming European Tour and this time we are bringing Peyote with us! In August of 2018 two beautiful indigenous cultures will meet on the European continent to share their ancient wisdom and traditional plant medicines with each other and the world. The Wixakari Tribe from North-America (Mexico) and the Shipibo tribe from South America (Peru) will meet each other for the first time in the small Dutch town of Bladel. The Ayahuasca ceremonies during Pachamama Temple’s European tour will be held by our own beloved Mama Rosa and she will be supported by Maestro Feliciano and Maestro Luis.

Just like the Shipibo tribe the Wixaritari people from Mexico, also named Huichol, are one of the few tribes that have been able to remain pure and stay connected with their ancient wisdom despite the Spanish conquest. They are not only a pure nation with their roots extending deep into the earth but they also soar high in their spirituality and fascinating cosmogony. The Wixakiri people are historically strongly connected to their Hikuri Medicine, better known as Peyote to the rest of the world. The tribe makes an annual pilgrimage by foot to Wirikuta, in western Mexico where they harvest the Peyote cactuses for the rest of the year and connect to their Gods and ancestors in their sacred ceremonies to find healing and guidance. They will share this medicine in Europe for those who like to meet the spirit of the Hikuri. Don Xuturitemai Rafael Pizano and medicine woman Marakame Micaela will hold the Peyote ceremonies during this very special meeting. Both are very powerful and experienced healers.
We hope it will be the first step towards a dialogue and connection between these two cultures to help support each other with the conservations of their traditions and medicines.

Would you like to join this unique meeting and experience the ayahuasca and peyote medicine? We will publish our tour agenda very soon. Like our Facebook page or join our community group to stay updated!