SOI KANO Shipibo School is first of its kind and a project that we are most proud of. It provides free education to children of local Shipibo families as well as their parents who want to learn English. Mama Rosa’s son Maestro and Professor Luis is running the school curriculum and finalising the administration for SOI KANO to be a recognised educational institution in Peru. The school was built on Pachamama temple grounds and we have big plans and high hopes for this philanthropic project. We have received so much recognition and support from Pachamama Guests and the number of children keeps growing every day.

SOI KANO is a manifestation of our love and gratitude towards Shipibo knowledge and tradition and our school keeps it alive. Children are being taught Shipibo wisdom and heritage, as well as modern subjects that will prepare them for the world outside Pucallpa. The flame of SOI KANO idea is still at its inception and we are working on seeing it in the near future as a bonfire of cultural exchange, foreign students, and eventually, first Shipibo University that will offer Plant Medicines knowledge combined with traditional healing. This little school means to us much more than just a classroom, it represents sustainability and a bridge in healing the West-Indigenous relationship.