The idea behind our SOI KANO Shipibo school project was to give back to the community and continue the circle of healing. SOI KANO with it’s 30 children has become the beating heart of Pachamama life and is slowly metamorphosing into an autonomous education institution. None of this, however, would be possible without a handful of brilliant individuals with philanthropist minds, one of which was our young Pachamama guest and friend, Diego.

Diego came to Pachamama from Belgium, just like any other Guest, to receive healing from Maestros and wisdom from Mother Ayahuasca. He came with an open heart and from day one was an inspiration to all with his positive attitude. None of us had known until the very end of his retreat, that even before stepping a foot into Pachamama temple, Diego had organised a campaign for SOI KANO and raised close to £3000 euros to support our vision. He organised a swimming challenge in which his friends and family supported him financially and he pushed his body for 21 km in 12 hours, for the children of SOI KANO. Upon being asked what made him embark on such an endeavour without even knowing the place, he said he always tries to offer his help wherever he goes, and since the nature of the retreat did not allow him to offer his labour, he decided to raise funds instead. Nobody knew of this gesture until the end of the retreat, as Diego did not want to receive any “special treatment.”

Pachamama shipibo school donation

The funds that have been collected will help SOI KANO to become a fully recognised state institution and will be a turning point in its development. As our Maestro Luis is still abroad, we shall wait for his guidance in taking the decision to which direction exactly the funds will serve SOI KANO best. Once we decide together how will the children benefit most from this altruistic gesture, we will publish and share the concise scheme and plan on how the funds will be distributed.

This humanitarian act again proves that it is through giving that we receive, and the only true healing happens once we realise that we really are all one. If there is one universal message that Ayahausca shares with all, it is the message of compassion towards each other. Selfless acts like this one are only a confirmation that no matter what, there is and always will be good people who want to help and do good, just for the sake of it. We will soon share with all Pachamama friends the evolution of this project and the plan of action regarding the fund’s distribution. We would like to use this blog to recognise all the contributors to this campaign and by doing so, send out our deepest gratitude. And to all of you reading this blog, if Diego’s story moved you in any way, pay it forward. Let’s start together a never-ending chain of Good Samaritans.

Valerie Kosling Louis van Overloop
Lora Sikora Karla Nuyts
Diego Melendez Vera Mols
Yoshi Mesuere Caroline Castille
Vincent Detienne Valerie Detienne
Alexander Verdonck Ruben Dorren
Kathy Kleinjans Lisa Van Passel
Senne Ebbing Lisa Bondroit
Mattia Greco Marie Paule Genard
Sam Vervenne Mieke Loopmans
Daniel Deruryter Vinciane Meeus
Christine Castille Viviane Istas
Cecille Osse Katrien & Sam Claerhout
Arthur De Wachter Ellen Buwalda
Vicenta Ferreira Sebastiaan van rer Veken
Axelle Hemels Yoshi Mesuere
Lukas Van Looveren Christine Castille
Schani Willems Jan Pieters
Anton Boelen Colette Pauwels
Fernand Collin Nicolas Melendez
Anton Van Looveren Pascaline van Heddegem
Phillipe Leclef Carole Meersschaert
Elin Dispersyn Joseph de Cleene
Wannes Lietaer Mohamed Fitouri
Margot Van Roey Annahita Hulsbosch
Nicolas Melendez Papa Van Der Veken
Charlotte Verboven Ella Van Craen
Veerle Herreman Anton Braet
Vincent Adriaenssens                                    Daan Vanhove
Lora Van Looveren Gunay Angelov
Justine Van Der Veken                                  Jeff Gielis

Frederique Deckers                                       Pascale Deleye

Jan Pieters

SOI KANO shipibo school