Every retreat our guests get to enjoy an art workshop with local artist Ruysen Flores, also known as Ruvexen. A unique opportunity to learn from a master in his craft. Ruysen makes breathtakingly beautiful Paintings and we feel very lucky to work with this patient teacher and friend. His work also is also in display in the Pachamama Temple Maloka, where you can find some stunning paintings of different deity’s like Budha, Ganesha and Kali.

A unique creator and story teller, visionary artist Ruysen Flores channels an urgent cry from Mother Earth herself, borne of his self-sustaining life in the Amazon Jungle in Peru. His is a life inspired by sacred Indigenous knowledge; a worldview that recognises the harmonious tapestry of all life on this planet and, sadly, the tragic repercussions where this balance is disrupted in the name of ignorance and greed. Ruysen’s figurative, surreal, neoamazónico, and shamanic styles of painting are the culmination of a lifelong thirst for artistic growth, along with knowledge gained of the Amazon’s unrivalled biodiversity and its respective medicinal applications. Every plant rendered extinct and every Amazonian culture deprived of its language and Indigenous knowledge strikes at the heart of humanity itself. He, however, is a passionate believer that this tide can be stemmed; that everyone can connect with Mother Nature and in turn assist in the preservation of the Amazon jungle and its ancestral Amazonian culture.

 Ruysen Flores - work Art

Earlier on, Ruysen honed his craft under the guidance of internationally renowned visionary artist and shaman, Pablo Amaringo. This was followed by a further five years of study at Eduardo Meza Saravia Escuela Superior de Formación Artística in Pucallpa. Ruysen’s work reflects his deep-seated respect for Mother Nature, and blends elements of the shamanic culture, Amazonian ancestral mythology, and visions he has received from working with sacred plant medicines. The vibrancy and powerful symbolism of his work have led to his work being displayed in Mexico City, Brazil and galleries throughout Peru.

Although Ruysen laments and ongoing destruction of Mother Earth’s gifts in the name of ‘progress’, he remains convinced that change is possible. “Now people are realizing their follies and reconnecting back with nature. People are falling back in love with nature and with this love, they are opening their eyes and hearts to the wisdom of Mother Earth, and to her plant teachers. She not only provides physical sustenance and protection to feed us, to shelter us, to cure us of our physical ailments, and to allow us to simply breathe,” said Ruysen. She also provides us with mental and emotional sustenance. Her plant teachers can heal and cure our spirits, and teach us the wisdom of the Earth, if we simply listen. I wish only for my art to carry this important message from the Amazon jungle- protect our Earth and preserve its sacred resources. The survival of all living things depends upon it,” he said.

You can find Ruysen on Instagram under the name: ruvexenvisionaryart. Check out more of his amazing art!