Pachamama temple was built as an idea of merging the new with the traditional and getting the best out of both worlds. We wanted to live with the Shipibo community and witness the traditional ways of living and healing. We did not know then that the idea will give birth to an extended family of locals and foreigners that live and work together as one. The temple’s foundations were built on family values and now we are witnessing those values come to life in many aspects of Pachamama design.

Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter. – Brad Henry

We often witness Maestros singing Icaros and giving healing to each other during Ayahuasca ceremony. We see them coming to ceremonies with members of their family that need healing and recently we were rewarded by a special treat; Maestro Luis came to an Ayahuasca ceremony accompanied by his two sons who are learning to become Maestros of Plant Teachers. Maestro Luis is Mama Rosa’s son and the patron of SOI KANO Shipibo school project. He is a father to 6 children, two of which have decided to follow their father’s footsteps and take the bumpy road of Plant Medicines, Spirituality and many years of sacrifice ahead in order to become a Curandero. In ancient Shipibo tradition, the perfect age to get initiated into Ayahausca was 12. Nowadays the tradition has changed, and many healers start dieting the first plant teacher later in their lives. Our two future Curanderos, Jackson and Jimmy, are in their early twenties and have just completed their first 30 days plant dieta with Pion Negro. We spoke to these two young Plant Medicine enthusiasts and discovered that both carry great passion for Shamanism and feel a strong calling to the path of a healer.

Jackson wants to diet and continue to be a Shaman forever, as well as Jimmy who wants to acquire extensive plant medicine knowledge. Like father, like sons. These impressive young men belong to the 21st century, and just as any other student in his twenties, are involved in all the modern life activities. Nevertheless, their passion and calling to walk the paths of tradition was stronger than any other option the world has to offer. We are very proud and happy to see and share with you that our dream is coming to life. Young people from the local Shipibo community are finding their inspiration in Pachamama. They see Maestros healing many visitors with their knowledge. They witness the gratitude on our Guests’ faces as they leave Pachamama happy and healed.

And as the good old proverb says: “An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, so our young “Maestros in training” also had a strong inspiration in their father. Jimmy loves his father’s icaros and wants to help many people and realize the true nature of all things. Jackson wants to learn more about the Shipibo culture and the spiritual life through Ayahuasca visions. Both young men got inspired by living in Pachamama and witnessing the magic that happens when two worlds combine powers. Both Jimmy and Jackson suggested that their biggest dream is to become Maestros of Plant Teachers and stay in Pachamama. This is something that makes our hearts sing from joy, as we see that our efforts are giving first fruits. Listening their subtle voices singing shy icaros at their first ceremony was a true gift for all present. We have our first Maestros in training, Mama Rosa’s grandchildren, who want to have a future with the Medicine, become Onanyas and continue learning the great cosmovision of the Shipibo people. Our dream is coming true!