We are excited to announce that Pachamama temple is once again coming to Europe! We understand that coming to Peru is not equally attainable to everyone so we will be visiting the Netherlands in February/March 2019 and during this three weeks, have Ayahuasca ceremonies with our Dutch friends at “Innerlijke-Reis” in Vierakker and the retreat weekend will be organised in Bladel, Netherlands.

Pachamama Temple is a retreat center located in Pucallpa, Peru dedicated to spreading healing and deep personal transformations across the world with the help of Ayahuasca and the ancient wisdom of the Shipibo people.

On this European tour, you will have the opportunity to participate in ceremonies with three of our healers. Maestro Feliciano and Meastro Jorge, both very experienced and powerful Ayahuasca healers and as a special surprise, our dear Mama Rosa, the matriarch of the family also known as walking heart, will be joining them on this trip.

Pachamama Europe Tour Shamans

Maestro Feliciano, Mama Rosa and Maestro Jorge.

During this tour our shamans will take time to individually approach, feel and work with every Guest, as they will be individually offering their sacred medicine songs called Ikaros. Our Ayahuasca ceremonies are a safe place to reboot and rewire your psyche and body. It’s a space where, with the guidance of our powerful Maestros and caring and skilful facilitators, you will embark on a journey of letting go of whatever does not serve you anymore, a deep journey within and towards wholeness.

Ceremonies at Innerlijke-Reis

Litterally translated Innerlijke-Reis means the inner journey and that is exactly what they offer. We have visited our friends at the Innerlijke-Reis two times before during our previous European tours, and are very happy with the beautiful friendship and cooperation that has grown between our two organisations. We have experienced their facilitators to be of the highest quality, genuinely caring and skilled in guiding you during your inner journey of self-exploration.

Pachamama Europe Tour Netherlands - Quinne

Ceremony dates:

Friday 22 February

Saturday 23 February

Wednesday 27 February

Friday 1 March

Saturday 2 March

Tuesday 5 March


Ceremony schedule:

4:40 PM:   Arrival in Vierakker (close to Zutphen).

6:00 PM:   Introductory information

7:00 PM:   Ceremony begins.

8:00 AM:   Breakfast.

8:30 AM:   Questions and answers with the Meastros.

10:00 AM: Departure.

Ceremony costs:

€ 275 including overnight stay and breakfast. Maximal 14 participants per ceremony.

If you would like to join our ceremonies at the Innerlijke-Reis you can contact Quinne van Kessel for more information and pre-ceremony screening by sending her an email on the following address:




After the ceremonies in Vierakker, we will be moving to the Dutch city of Bladel where we have found a beautiful and spacious  group accommodation to spend the weekend. During this weekend we will drink Ayahuasca on Friday and Saturday night. During the days we will have an interesting program that will include a vomitivo cleansing ritual, rapé (shamanic snuff) workshop, sharing circles and guided meditations.

Pachamama Europe Tour-Bladel ceremony space

Retreat weekend dates:

Friday 8 March: arrival and Ceremony night.

Saturday 9 March: Ceremony night.

Sunday 10 March: closing the weekend and departure.


Retreat Costs:

€ 495 Including 2 overnight stays, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Maximum 18 participants.

If you would like to join our retreat weekend in Bladel you can contact us for more information and pre-ceremony screening by sending us an email on the following address: pachamamatemple@gmail.com