Running an Ayahausca retreat as a business endeavour is surely not easy but running an Ayahausca retreat as a manifestation of one’s dreams is a rather challenging goal that is constantly pushing us to alter our attitudes and perceptions. One man’s dream of traditional Ayahausca healing has materialised itself as Pachamama temple and our key in running the temple, while respecting the vision at all times, lays in achieving sustainability and balance. We have so far learned that the two can only be achieved if all the parties involved give, take and benefit equally. We imagine it as Ayahuasca’s well being domino effect that affects all involved, from Ayahausca farmers, to those preparing and serving the brew, to finally the consumers.

We live in a world where, unfortunately for most, money means freedom and is necessary to live a decent life. The modern monetary model requires a change in the way we perceive money and instead of giving it many labels, we should approach it as a means of energy exchange. It is not the shortage in world’s funds supply that creates all the worlds issues, it is the lack of balance in its distribution.

Maestro Luis with students of SOI KANO

At Pachamama, we have recently been facing financial struggles in achieving the balance we believe in and strive for, since the price of our retreat does not meet the needs of the temple. We have a dream of having Ayahuasca healing accessible to larger groups of people and that pushed us towards lowering our prices and keeping the temple as a non-profit organisation. As running Pachamama is a constant learning in progress, we have come to realise that we are not giving back to the local community as much as we believe is our responsibility and as much as our hearts desire. All that being said, we are required to increase the price of our retreat in order to stand back on our feet and give back to “Ayahausca motherland” a little bit more. We want our Mestros to live decent lives and (un)fortunately, this aspect of their lives is directly linked to their Pachamama income. We want their children to live in human conditions, to have a childhood where struggle is not the main life drive.

We are now working at improving every aspect of Pachamama and believe that this increase will not affect our Guests and have faith that Pachamama is yet to witness many healings of our old and new family members with the local community blooming. We want to help our Maestros build new homes, enable their children free education, cultural exchange and see them prosper in every aspect of their lives, and all of this requires funds. The SOI KANO Shipibo school project is a beautiful dream with now almost 30 children in the classroom, however, it fully depends on our financial support, which is directly linked to our retreat prices. We want to see the school as a paramount institution where Shipibo native language and tradition is being preserved. Drinking Ayahuasca seems to be only a small part of the healing circle. Only by giving our support to the source of the tradition and by protecting the environment where the Plant Teachers leave their roots, we close the full circle and thus achieve balance and sustainability.

NOTE: If you would like to book any of our retreats, you can still do so at a discounted price until July 15th. In order to do so, please use the following discount codes:

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