Shaman, Healer, Medicine Man, Curandero, Vegatalista, Ayahuasquero, Onanya…all mean the same and carry equal weight. The weight of healing for living, weight of seeing your culture and tradition becoming forgotten, weight of witnessing your generation being the last one with no possibility to pass on the knowledge, weight of living the reality of your people and tradition being extinct.

The Shipibo Shamans have cured so many of us, their icaros sing our diseases out, with tobacco they blow our fears away, they sprinkle beautiful scents of hope on our sorrows, bless us upon arrival and give protection when leaving. They give us flower baths and massages, collect our negative energies, prepare traditional meals, put herbs over our wounds and wrap it all in an abundance of unconditional love of one human being for another.  Their tradition and knowledge saved many individuals, relationships and families. They offer pure love combined with advanced knowledge on herbs from our biggest pharmacy – Mother Amazon.

Anyone who has ever had an Ayahuasca experience with a legitimate Shaman will be able to relate to the above. Many people who have ever received an icaro will say that the Shamans are like Angels on Earth. People that live the simplest lives, very often in poverty and daily struggles, and they have only love to give. How than is it possible for the world not to react to the dangers threatening the Shipibos? How can we let this culture just fade away? How many of us have icaros as the soundtrack of our healing? How many of us cannot even imagine what the life would be without Ayahuasca….I know quite a few. Now let’s imagine a near future where none of it exists and it looks like apocalypse now…

BUT, one man decided to make a difference, Paris Tume, a filmmaker and a friend that received the healing and became a part of the family. One man that will not stand still while his friends are at danger. One that made a connection with the Shamans and decided that the world must see. We all must see and stand up for our healers. Paris spent over 3 months at the Pachamama temple where he had several Ayahuasca ceremonies and bonded with our family of Shamans and decided to make a difference, to make a documentary, to make the world see and help. To raise awareness. His project “Onanya” is like no other on this subject. He put his entire heart and soul into it, he filmed day and night, the details in the movie are astonishing and he is that one man that actually DID. We are very proud and excited that the documentary is now in the final, post-production phase and in order to be finalised and released to larger audiences requires additional funds. If you would like to know more about the film or donate to this good cause, please follow the link below. The crowd funding was organized to collect sufficient funds to finish the documentary and build seven new homes for the indigenous people.

If you or anyone you know has received healing from a Shaman, you will understand the importance of saving this great culture and spreading the word. Please let us not allow ourselves to be witnesses of perishing cultures. Please let us not be quiet and inert, please let us do whatever we can to have future generations benefit from the spirit of Ayahuasca and Healer’s love. Please let us hear icaros sung and Shipibo language spoken by the new generations. Please let us enable for these thousands-of-years-old-knowledge to live on. Please let us not be that generation that allowed extinction of beautiful people and their culture. Please let us have a future in which spiritual growth is for everyone. Please let us realize that when together, we CAN make a difference.