Dear Pachamama Friends! We are very excited to share with you that our family just got richer for another lady Maestra – ADELINA MARQUEZ PINEDO. Adelina brought a fresh and powerful, yet gentle and subtle female energy to our ceremonies and we hope that we will be listening to her icaros for many days to come.

Adelina is Mama Rosa’s only daughter and second child. She is now in her early fifties and a wife to our Maestro Gilberto. With Adelina in our team of Maestros, we have completed the full family circle.

Maestra Adelina was initiated to Plant Medicines due to her own sickness that she was not able to cure for years. She was sick with a chronic gastritis, could not eat for months and the pain was too intense to live with. It was only after Adelina looked into nature for healing and seeked for advice from Plant Teachers, that she received her body and mind healing.

Maestra started to work and diet with Pinon Colorado, which was her first plant dieta, but also a very powerful one, since the mentioned Master plant is known as very potent Plant Teacher usually not recommended for beginners.  After one year of treatment with Pinon Colardo, the pain eased and after her second dieta with Chuyashiki, she was fully healed.

After discovering the healing potential of the plant world, she decided to dedicate her life to Master Plants and became a Maestra, just like her mother and brothers. In the following years to come, Adelina continued her Shamanic practice and dieted many other Master Plants like Marusa, Nive Rao, Wushte etc. Adelina has now been learning Shamanic practices for 3 years and was blessed with receiving her first ikaro 2 years ago.

Maestra decided to learn alone and without help from the rest of the family as she explained that the Medicine works differently for everyone and she wants to keep her healing style unique and free from influences. Just recently Adelina accepted some guidance from Mama Rosa and her husband, Gilberto.

From her own experience of being healed, Adelina is hoping with her whole heart, to pass that blessing on to Pachamama Guests. Ever since her life took the direction of traditional healer, she wanted to be able to share her passions and knowledge with others, and now is very excited to be given that chance at Pachamama.