It’s incredible how Mother Ayahuasca is bringing people together not only to support our beautiful Shipibo family but also how it creates friendships that lasts a lifetime! As many of you who are connected with us in this collective vision are aware, everything that we do at Pachamama Temple is inspired by the intention to bring greater benefit to all beings and support the Shipibo culture and family. Our mission is to create an environment where knowledge, education and traditions are shared freely for the benefit of all.

This year, during our European tour in the beautiful island of Mallorca we have met Fiona and Gavin, a lovely couple that surprised us more than we could ever imagine by donating the funds for rebuilding our Maloka and not only. Gavin and Fiona are the husband and wife team behind Earthmonk. In the juggle of life, home and families what’s also important to them is living life consciously; in other words maximising their quality of life and living it as happily and effortlessly as possible.

It is a path they have walked individually and together for many years. And it’s the experience and discoveries that they have gleaned along the way that led to the creation of Earthmonk, a company whose mission is to make clothes with soul that blend together unique and distinctive graphics with ancient, timeless teachings. Not only that they have funded the reconstruction of our Maloka but they continue to support us by offering 10% of each purchase made on their site.

Preserving the gem of indigenous ancestral plant medicine knowledge is also a fundamental cornerstone of the programme. To this end Earthmonk plans to work in partnership with us and our indigenous healers and develop projects aiming to prove clinical efficacy of specific plant medicines.

In conclusion, we would like to share that although we are continuing to face many difficulties and challenges on the path to living in harmony with all life, we are not influenced by it because of the resonance, love, and support continuously shared by this immensely loving human family. We humbly open our hearts and hands to receive your offerings of love and support, through which our temple can continue to thrive. We are deeply grateful for EarthMonk’s presence in our lives! Thank you Fiona and Gavin!

May we all continuously deepen and radiate universal love and compassion.