I speak in the name of my people. I speak to all of you that are in pursuit of your soul or profound healing.

We are the original peoples of the Peruvian Amazon, specifically the SHIPIBO-KONIBO tribes, which are located on the banks of the majestic Ucayali River.  Since ancient times we have been practicing medicinal plants for healing different types of diseases. Ayahuasca is a plant medicine that is ingested in order to unveil the real source of your physical/ spiritual illness. AYAHUASCA is the mother of all teacher plants in the Amazon. For many years, The Shipibo-Konibo people have known AYAHUASCA as the main medicine to make a diagnosis for people suffering from many diseases, both physical and spiritual.From the perspective of an Onanya (Shaman), this mother medicine has three very important potentialities in the healing of people, because it helps us in the following ways:

  1. It guides us towards which plant should be given to cure your physical illness and gives us advice on how to prepare the medicine to heal any wounds in your body. Ayahuasca – this omniscient Doctor of the Amazon always provides us with a spiritual orientation in healing that we later prepare according to Her directions.
  2. Her unmistakable wisdom discovers what illness the patient has inside the spirit, then directs our ICAROS to help the individual’s spiritual healing.
  3. It reveals to us the true source of every disease. If the disease is something natural, it’s healing is not so complex. But if the disease comes from sorcery of another shaman, the healing is more complex. In this case, the teacher of Medicine has a very strong and challenging task and takes great risk upon himself.

Having these three indications throughout the ceremony, the Mother of all Plant Medicines also gives us Her strength to look for the relevant icaros for the disease and guides our search for the plants that will help you heal spiritually and physically. Then we do some serious work…some very strong work…In recent years the people from the West have discovered that Ayahuasca is a powerful healing plant and many are coming to Peru, to seek profound health through Mother’s wisdom and they come for a wide spectrum of diseases. Both physical and spiritual. I will mention just a few common conditions where Ayahuasca showed Her great success at restoring balance:

  • Drug addiction/abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Sexual violations
  • Disappointment in love (Broken Heart)
  • Depression/Anxiety/Panic attacks
  • Eating disorders
  • Guilt for hurting others

In cases of drug addiction and alcoholism, these are successfully cured through vomiting of medicinal plants (the Purge) and with special tobacco – Mapacho. The purge serves to “wash” your stomach from the chemicals consumed for a long time and assimilated in the body through the stomach. Very often the initial shock of ingesting the Medicine makes the patient very weak to stopping their bad patterns. In this case you must put a lot of faith in Ayahuasca and ask Her to free you from your vices. When there is sincere faith in the Mother Ayahuasca, the teachers also work with less difficulty, but if you do not put your faith in this sacred plant and her wise ways, Ayahuasca will struggle to help you and you will experience a lot of suffering. Ayahuasca only asks you to have full faith. In cases of sexual violations and amorous disappointment, it is less complex because as Onanyas, we find it easier to heal spirits than bodies. When healing your spirit, we search for the right plants and align our icaros to relieve you from negative thinking patterns like anger, sadness or revenge. This treatment is not long and as long you give faith to the Mother, you will recover. If you are searching for self-forgiveness for hurting someone else, this also can be healed. It is complex and potentially dangerous but not impossible for a shaman and the Onanya. We would have to enter the energetical field of the person who was hurt and start healing from there. These kinds of treatments (spiritual negotiations) often take a month or two. Many heal and live their lives happier and more joyful than ever before. For these reasons the Westerners have become tourists of Mother Ayahuasca, in pursuit of temples that have masters of the medicine who help them restore their health and happiness. Every day, thousands and thousands of people from all over the world visit Peru only to drink the wisest of all Plants – Mother Ayahausca.  Some have seen their future in a small cup, but what all find here is profound healing, new sense of joy and general well being.  If you are looking for deep healing, or are on the path of spiritual devotion, I invite you to visit PACHAMAMA TEMPLE “RAO NIWE NETE”. We have nothing to give but insights and love.