Land & Facilities


Waterfall & Lagoon

Nestled within our land, a serene corner beckons with a private waterfall and lagoon. This idyllic spot offers a unique opportunity to sit in proximity to the cascading waters, creating a veritable haven of peace and beauty.


A private jungle beach along the river is ready to welcome you at your first steps to get into the Pachamama Temple. This expansive shoreline, with its wide view, exudes a peaceful and jungle ambiance, providing a tranquil retreat at the outer edges of our land.

Sacred Farm

2500 of Ayahuasca and Chakruna are growing strongly for five years, on our Sacred Farm, that with time it will be a full and comprehensive plantation of ‘master-plants’ for dieting.



The Maloka stands as a traditional ceremonial space where the Shipibo conduct Ayahuasca ceremonies. Rooted in cultural heritage, it provides a sacred space for drinking the medicine.

Sacred Kitchen

Our Sacred Kitchen serves as the workspace for Maestros and participants to cook Ayahuasca and other shamanic remedies.

Sweat Lodge

The communal Sweat Lodge provides a setting for up to 20 individuals to partake in vapour baths, facilitating an experience focused on cleansing and purifying one’s energy.

Dining Room

With a capacity for 30 individuals, the Dining Room is a practical space where guests and staff convene for shared meals. It fosters a sense of community during the stay.

Community Areas

The Beach-house and Waterfall-house are designated community spaces for quiet reflection, meetings, and workshops. They are immersed in the most fascinating parts of the land and provide neutral environments for various activities.

The Community House 

is designed as a multifunctional space, featuring areas for communal gatherings, a well-stocked library, and screening facilities. It stands as a community hub tailored for introspection, reading sessions, meetings, and the recording of video reviews. Additionally, it serves as a valuable resource center, equipped to meet more technical requirements for collaborative activities.

Toilets and Showers

Adjacent to the Maloka, there are bathrooms equipped with flushing toilets and showers offer sustainable amenities with waste managed by a bio-digester system.


Private Ecological Tambo

Tambos are individual for each guest and offer rustic and comfortable accommodation (built from the wood in our land) where you are able to connect in peace and solitude to the surrounding nature.

Each tambo has a queen size bed with cotton bedding, mosquito nets over the beds, wooden shelving, a desk, a comfy chair and a hammock. Your private toilet is just nearby your own tambo.