As Ayahuasca and Her properties is a common topic of many conversations nowadays and many westerners are seeking deeper healing, the misleading information about Mother Ayahuasca has flooded the internet and is rather challenging to find an online source of information that is legitimate, clear, complete, fully informative and trustworthy. Amongst many contradictory and misleading information one can find online, Pachamama has found to be the only online source that satisfies all our criteria and we are happy and proud to finalise a beautiful project with Kahpi which marked the beginning of our cooperation. Two of our well known Shamans, Mama Rosa and Maestro Luis are both featured on videos in the page and give profound insights from a Shaman’s perspective. You can enjoy and learn from these videos on for free.

We are lucky enough to say that the beginning of 21st century was marked by Ayahuasca ever more penetrating all layers of society. The traditional use of Plant medicines is slowly shifting from alternative to mainstream and many individuals are finding profound healing amongst Shipibo tribes in the Amazon. Thousands of people are nowadays ingesting the sacred brew and this number is growing daily.

What we have learned so far at Pachamama, from first-hand experience of running an Ayahuasca temple, is that the ingestion of Mother Ayahuasca is just by itself a bold decision, however, for the Medicine to successfully heal any dis-ease, the individual must have the right approach. That is why the preparation for an Ayahuasca retreat is of utmost importance. Gathering useful information on dieting, how to properly prepare for the ceremonies, and how to successfully integrate is essential for healing to happen. In that way, Ayahuasca is not a miracle pill, it is the wisest guideline, but the mind work is again up to us.

The Kahpi organization will take your Ayahuasca knowledge to the next level and contains everything you should be familiar with regardless if you are planning to begin your journey, or you need guidance in successful integration and proper understanding of the process. It will provide you with factual information elaborated by world-renowned Psychotherapists, Neuroscientists, Shamans, Psychologists and other reputable individuals that possess extensive knowledge in the field. All that you ever wanted to know about drinking Ayahuasca, now you can find, all in one place. Embarking on Ayahuasca journey might be the most important thing you have ever done for yourself, however, proper navigation during in the process is equally important.

Pachamama temple highly encourages everyone to do extensive research prior to joining an Ayahausca retreat for that will determine the course of the journey and speed of reaching your goal.