Sharing is nourished as a very important tool within Pachamama Temple. It happens spontaneously throughout the day and it helps us understand each other better and drop our judgments and prejudices. We spend the retreat together in a genuinely friendly space where guests, maestros, facilitators and workers meet and live together creating a loving environment. In this intimate setting, we share our experiences, spiritual and psychological processes, tears and joy. There are several activities in the retreat in which we invite our guests to participate in, and one of them is the poem workshop. In this case however, the sharing takes a little bit different direction. It starts with an inner process in which you let your heart flow through the ink and talk to the paper, the consequence of which are very personal and meditative poems. Ayahuasca does open up the individual’s creativity and if you take it by the hand and let the medicine lead the path, She will allow the creativity to flow effortlessly. Seeing and feeling each other through our verses is a powerful gateway to start looking into our souls instead of seeing only what is visible to the eye. Sometimes, the most noble verses flow from a vulnerable and fragile soul… One of our guests kindly granted permission to share his poem here. spiritual retreat I am the light, I am light, I am. I stand at the lip of this escarpment, gazing at the jungle below I see a present time of possibility, Step through palms and vines, down rock stairs I have dipped below the escarpment, am dropping through the jungle. I leave the comfort of known paths, swim in new sounds. Further down rock stairs and palms and vines Unable to turn. I know no more comfort The threshold now long gone. Unable to turn. And I know I chose this. The threshold now long gone And only ahead And still I choose this And my back breathes. Only ahead I see a present time of possibility My back breathes I am the light.