Bored with your no-taste Ayahuasca preparation diet….? Who ever said that Ayahuasca diet is not delicious? Our talented Enith is the cook and alchemist in Pachamama temple who combines nutritious ingredients with a lot of love and creates food for soul. Our simple meals are prepared with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and despite Ayahuasca diet being restrictive, Enith still makes delicious and healthy dishes. We have often been complimented by our Guests that they would come to Pachamama just to have a good meal! Our Shipibo lunch is something that we are very proud of and you will have a chance to taste traditionally prepared Shipibo feast and enjoy it just the way our Maestros do – with fingers straight from banana leaves!

*We are aware that many of our Guests are vegetarians or vegans and would expect all the food to be vegetarian in a Medicine serving temple, however, the idea of Pachamama was to live the traditional Shipibo way and receive a cultural exchange experience by visiting our retreat. Shipibo people were raised on fresh fish from Ucayalli river for generations and their love for barbecued chicken is just second to their love for the Medicine! Additionally, we also understand that many of our Guests have a meat-based diet and need a source of protein in between energetically challenging ceremonies. In Pachamama, we will occasionally serve grilled fish and chicken, however, our vegetarian and vegan friends will always have a variety of choices and we are happy to accommodate any individual dietary requirements.