FIVE Icaros From Our Healers

The Shipibo believe that icaros travel like patterns into our beings. They have the power to clear old patterns and stories that aren’t serving you, and fill your energy field with the pattern of your essence, or spirit. Each of these songs has a different meaning and purpose, and was sung by our shamans in a particular moment of inspiration to share with you. We invite you to close your eyes as you listen and receive the unique medicine available through each one. You are welcome to download them to your devices or play them directly from the website.


An Icaro from Maestra Rosa

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Maestra Rosa Pinedo Vasquez, more affectionately known as “Mama Rosa”, has 31 years of experience in the practice of plant medicine. Her Shipibo name is Pesin Rate, which means beautiful and admirable woman with long lank hair. Rosa has four adult children, Adelina, Feliciano, Luis and Genaro, who are all part of our team at the Pachamama Temple. At the age of 30, Rosa began her shamanic apprenticeship with Maximo Vela, which inspired a great dedication to the path of the Shaman in her heart. She is known for her sweet and compassionate presence and carries such a powerful, but gentle voice.

An Icaro from Maestro Feliciano

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Maestro Feliciano Marquez Pinedo is the eldest Son of Mama Rosa. Feliciano’s Shipibo name is Kanan Betsa, which means a man with a good profile and talented in business. On his shamanistic voyage, Feliciano found a deep connection to Jesus Christ, the Bible and the Christian saints and angels. He often gives a blessing after singing his Icaros, showing that the Christian religion and the ancient traditions of Amazonian shamanism do not have to be mutually exclusive. He is a very cheerful man with an excellent sense of humor.

An Icaro from Maestro Genaro

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Maestro Genaro Marquez Pinedo is the youngest son of Maestra Rosa. Genaro’s Shipibo name is Ronin Mano, which means invisible man with the strength and power of the anaconda. Genaro has always had an interest in plant medicine and learned many traditional Icaros from his mother. He is currently undertaking a shamanic apprenticeship with his brother Feliciano’s guidance, so he can learn more about the medicine and become a shaman himself in the years to come. He is also a skillful Shipibo massage artist, the father of seven, and a very sociable man who loves to have a good laugh.

An Icaro from Maestro Gilberto

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Maestro Gilberto Picota Lopez is is married to Maestra Rosa’s only daughter Adeline. Maestro Gilberto’s Shipibo name is Sina Nima, which means a serious and positive man. Gilberto’s father was a healer since the age of 12 and practiced Shamanism for over 66 years, healing many people of numerous different diseases. When Gilberto was a boy his father transferred the power to be a plant healer to him during a Ayahuasca ceremony. Maestro Gilberto is a very humble man, who some might consider shy. But once you get to know him, you can see that his heart is filled with a gentle love, which can be felt in his presence and heard in his beautiful Icaros.

An Icaro from Maestro Luis

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Maestro Luis Marquez Pinedo is Mama Rosa’s middle son. Luis is very involved with designing our education programs for the Pachamama Shipibo School and will teach Language, Culture and History as our vision for the school comes to fruition. His Shipibo name is Soi Sani, which means wonderful, sociable and friendly man. This name suits him well as he is all of the above. Like all the other members in his family, he was brought up around Shamanism and Ayahuasca. He has extensive knowledge of medicinal plants and sings many Icaros in ceremony.