The importance of Integration (Part 2) – (Part 1 – here)

Effective integration starts with a good preparation. As many experienced drinkers will tell you the ayahuasca journey often starts before you will actually put the glass to your lips. Perhaps synchronicities arise and the right people with the perfect advice suddenly seem to cross your path as you slowly start tuning into the spirit of the ayahuasca. For others a more harsh process might start where feelings of unhappiness and discomfort seem to surface or grow. This can also be a part of tuning in. It is the start of healing. Somewhere deep in your being you know some real change is coming. Whether you go through this stage consciously or not is where your integration starts.

Ayahuasca and the true spiritual path are about really getting to know yourself. So many thoughts and feelings we have in a day go by without us really noticing them. We either don’t take the time to listen to them or we more actively repress them because we don’t really want to feel or think them. A great tool to stimulate mindfulness, if you don’t already have one, is to start a journal. Write about your day to day life and how the themes that you would like to work on impact it. Really investigate and write with a brutal honesty (it’s your own little secret diary) and you will already start learning about yourself. Writing down these things can bring clarity and insight and get new information to the surface. This will eventually help you to set clear and powerful intentions when your work with the medicine starts.

As drinking ayahuasca allows you to take a journey into your own unconscious mind it is also a smart idea to try and connect to the themes that are lingering deeper the crevices of your mind before your work with the medicine starts.  It was Sigmund Freud who stated, “Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.”  So be sure to reserve a spot in your journal for your nightly adventures. You might be surprised by the information that they will yield.

In the next blog we will give you some more tips on how you can get the most out of your ayahuasca experience by investing time and energy in the integration process.