Welcome to Pachamama Temple!

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We have some incredible news to share with you! Our beloved temple is undergoing a major transformation as we speak. We’re enthusiastic to announce that we’re moving to a beautiful and peaceful location deep within the jungle, where we’ll be able to create an even more magical and transformative experience for our guests. We’re pouring all our love, passion, and dedication into making significant improvements.

While we’re hard at work, we regret to inform you that we won’t be able to hold any retreats until our grand reopening in LATE SEPTEMBER 2024.

But trust us, it will be worth the wait! We’re counting down the days until we can welcome you back to our new and improved temple. Thank you for your unwavering support and interest, and we can’t wait to see you soon!

A Temple For The Benefit of All

The Pachamama Temple is a shamanic healing center dedicated to sharing the medicine of Mother Ayahuasca rooted to the ancient wisdom of the Shipibo tradition. Located deep into the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, we offer immersive Ayahuasca retreats for profound healing and personal transformation, facilitated with a Western modern approach.

The Pachamama Temple was created to meet the modern challenges and the call for healing of a growing number of us. Humanity is awakening and reaching deeper into the ancient cultures to learn the old paths of wisdom and connection to the natural world. Modern western culture and the ancient tribes need to learn from and support each other. Our mission is to be in service of the spirit of Ayahuasca and create an environment where knowledge, education and traditions are shared freely for the benefit of all.

Rooted in Traditional Healing Practices

Our team of experienced Shipibo shamans works with traditional healing methods and the plants of the Amazon Rain Forest to bring deep healing and happiness to those who seek it. Supported by our carefully selected, English-speaking retreat facilitators, we provide a genuine, caring and safe environment for personal growth and transformation.

ayahuasca brew

The Medicine

ancient plant medicine Ayahuasca that has been used for many centuries by the indigenous people of the Upper Amazon for healing and spiritual purpose.

shipibo shaman healers ayahuasca ceremony

Our Family

Mama Rosa’s family is a living testament to the rich tapestry of indigenous wisdom that has flourished within the Shipibo-Conibo community

At the Pachamama temple, we offer Ayahuasca Retreats with genuine care, love, and compassion, focusing on spiritual growth and trauma healing. We also offer ongoing support for your process to take roots and flourish in your daily life. It is a profound experience that has the potential to be one of the most important events in your life.

Nestled in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, our beautiful land becomes a catalyst for your healing journey, offering a variety of settings to connect with. The intense energy of the Peruvian jungle, the tranquil pace of the beach and river, and the refreshing power of the waterfalls.

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Our family of Shipibo healers, Mama Rosa’s family, with their countless generations of healing lineages, and ancient transmissions of their wisdom traditions, guide you on a journey of self-discovery and healing through Ayahuasca ceremonies, healing songs (Ikaros) and supportive shamanic practices.

Mamá Rosa - Rosa Pinedo Vasquez

Mama Rosa is a very respected and well-known Shipibo Healer. She pass on her knowledge to her family, that is a living testament to the rich tapestry of indigenous wisdom that has flourished within the Shipibo-Conibo community. 

Genaro Marquez Pinedo

The Last born of the Family, it’s the front man, a people person, warming and open heart.

Feliciano Marquez Pinedo

It’s the firstborn of the Family, Feliciano started to give service and working with Ayahuasca in the 2001.

Adelina Marquez Pinedo

Secondborn of the family, introvert and powerful healer.

Gilberto Picota López

Husband of Adelina, he’s part of the family, strong curandero.


In the Pachamama temple, Mama Rosa’s Family run our ayahuasca ceremonies, they are closely related and therefor, live and work together as a perfectly tuned team, they also have all the freedom to conduct the ceremonies and adjust their icaros according to the needs of each group or individual. Our whole retreat was created on a genuine desire to heal and it echoes in our maestros’ laughter. During an ayahuasca ceremony at Pacahamama, our shamans will take time to individually approach, feel and work with every guest, for a full healing experience. In addition to that, our facilitators create a safe and loving environment for healing and insights to take place. It is a space where, with the guidance of our telented maestros and caring facilitators, you will embark on a journey within and towards wholeness.

Erik's Ayahuasca Retreat Experience at Pachamama Temple

Maria Johanna's Ayahuasca experience at Pachamama Temple

Marleen's Ayahuasca Retreat Experience at Pachamama Temple

Mark's Ayahuasca Retreat Experience at Pachamama Temple




When you are looking for a good place to experience the Ayahuasca medicine I definitely recommend Pachamama Temple. I encountered a 12-day retreat there in July 2016. In this little paradise down the suburbs of Pucallpa, peace and relaxation is to be found. The beautiful surroundings were perfect to forget where I came from for a while, to connect with the people around me there and to concentrate on a healing journey. The loving facilitators who among others guided me trough the process are devoted and experienced, which constantly made me feel I was in good hands with them. And then there are the maestros and maestras, who made the whole adventure so special! They care for their guests while using all the abilities and knowledge they have, using for instance plant medication or singing personal Icaros. It’s also cool to learn about their colorful Shipibo culture during the workshops they provide, which are integrated in the program. I enjoyed the atmosphere at Pachamama, the excellent food they serve and the loving family who were so welcoming. Also the city of Pucallpa is nice to spend some time as you will not meet loads of tourists. I enjoyed discovering the streets and markets to experience the life of the friendly locals. In the end I wasn’t done with the place at all, but of course I had to catch my flight back. So surely this wasn’t the last visit… Maybe next time I’ll meet you there?

Michele L. Spann



Wow. What an amazingly inspiring, enlightening, and life changing trip. I may have done ten years worth of healing in one week. No amount of psychology or rehab could have have achieved what this trip to Peru has. I did some intense deep healing. Ayahuasca has opened my eyes to so many layers of my existence. Peeling away the layers that no longer serve me. Shining a light on the darkness and empowering me to embrace it and sit with it so I can free myself from it and move forward towards healing and growing into my true authentic self. I let go of so much pain. Pain I have been carrying with me for years. Words cannot describe what I went through these past ten days and the beauty and healing I underwent. . Don’t get me wrong, it was not all pretty lights and fluffy clouds, I faced alot of my issues and traumas and stared them dead in the eyes. I went to battle and can honestly say I won. It was not easy, but growing never is. At some points I thought I may have been losing my mind. But I wasn’t. It’s all part of the process. I left feeling many emotions but mostly, I am much lighter and more equipped to deal with life. My time at Pachamama Temple was a very sacred experience that I will carry with me for eternity. I met some wonderful people that I hope to have in my life forever. Not to mention the structure of the temple itself is remarkably done. A true place of love and healing. I want to thank Pachamama Temple, Dominik and Eric for making this opportunity very real. I felt truly and utterly supported by both of you. The amazing family of shamans for their loving and inviting personalities and their beautifully healing icaros. To all the workers there that made sure the temple is clean and their smiles everyday. To the cooks who worked tirelessly to make sure we had food in our bellies. To all my friends and family who have stood by me all these years and never gave up. And most of all, all the people that donated to my cause and made this trip possible! From the depths of my heart thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Shawnee Letendre



I guess most of us have experienced the feelings of “I am not worthy”, “I can’t do that”, “I’m not capable enough” etc. in our lives. At my stay at the Pachamama Temple, I found out that these “lower” frequency feelings are not originating from my true higher self. During my stay at this wonderful retreat with these loving people I was able (during the Ayahuasca ceremonies) to distinguish these lower frequencies as a separate kind off entity feeding on these energies. It was clear to me that these entities can only survive and stay with me when I can produce enough energy for them to live on. These entities actually try to lure you into these lower emotional feelings and then feed on it. This awareness came to me during a pretty rough ceremony in which I was overwhelmed with feeling sorry for myself, feeling unworthy etc. When I was in this energetic trap I could suddenly see a kind of energetic creature, entity clinging to my energetic body. The moment I spotted it, it tried to hide and it went upward from my chest to my throat. I kept following it upward and when it came near my throat I became really sick and needed to purge. When I looked in my bucket, I saw this jellyfish looking “creature” dying there. I saw its energy pattern slowly fading to nothing. Man, what a relieve was that! Since this healing experience I noticed that I am so much more confident, sure about my capabilities, and knowing I can do anything I want as long as I give my best. We are all Capable! We are all love created! We are all gods and goddesses! We are worthy! We are powerful creators! We will change our future! We are the future! We are the ones we have been waiting for! Thank you Pachamama Temple for this healing experience!

Erik Wienk



I recently got back from a 12 day retreat at Pachamama Temple, and my heart fills with joy and love when I think back on the time there and the people I spent it with. It was my first experience with ayahuasca, and it seems like it is the beginning of a relationship full of wonder and insight. The temple is located in a lightly populated area, walking distance from a nice beach [along the lake]. There are a few fruit stands close by, selling some of the best fruit I’ve ever tasted – if you so wish, as the kitchen was very well stocked. Private rooms with electric outlets were also provided.

Hillel Goral



Hello, my name is Sergio and I attended a ayahuasca retreat at the Pachamama temple in July of 2016. I have drank ayahuasca before in the Netherlands, where I live, but it was quite a different experience in Peru. Two weeks before the retreat I started to follow a traditional diet, as recommended by the temple. This was intense but really helped me to prepare myself for my journey. During the retreat, every morning and evening, each individual got different plant medications prescribed by the healers. You also get to enjoy several flower baths, they smell really nice! And of course at night the ceremony starts. If I can give any advice it is to not have any expectations when you drink ayahuasca. It is a process and you need to have faith in yourself, the spirits of the plants and creation as a whole. Every unnecessary thought can block your experience. This was really hard for me. As the mind is a tool to create it can also create problems. You cannot think yourself out of your thoughts and you have to let things go. So if you FEEL like you are struggling in life and that you need to discover a deeper part of yourself, if you are looking for healing of the body, mind and spirit, Pachamama temple is a great place to visit. I love you all and I have got hope for this planet. Now let’s create ????

Sergio Carta



Testimonial for Pachamama Temple I have just returned from Pachamama Temple, and the first thing I want to say is that I would wholeheartedly recommend undertaking ceremony here. This is a place I would definitely bring friends. Taking Ayahuasca, if you haven’t before, is a powerful and sacred undertaking so it’s important to find a place where you will be safe and cared for; Pachamama Temple is such a place. If you have journeyed before and wish to find a place that can support you through a more integrated process, that cares for you between ceremonies with healing support, herbal drinks and medicine as is needed and advised, massages, daily flower baths, attention to well-being, and contact with the Maestros to help with questions and concerns, then look no further. While the center is new, the guiding Maestros who come from an ancestral line of curanderos, carry a collective ability to negotiate the Ayahuasca-ceremonial space that is truly authentic in its connection with the medicine of Ayahuasca. While I have done several Ayahuasca retreats before, this one was the most integrating and healing. It was not only profoundly healing, like 10 years of therapy rolled into one night, but also utterly clarifying. I came with a ball of confusion, a lifetime of karmic knots resonating into a complex set of impossible conditions in my business concerns and personal life that I literally didn’t know how to untie or work out, even with all my decades as an accomplished meditation teacher, therapist, director of a non-profit, training facilitator, and so on. Mother Ayahuasca clarified pretty much everything at great depth, helping me understand how my current impasse was connected to very early abuse, which she helped me get clear in ways that I was never able to in therapeutic and meditative process. Once I got home, I was able to very quickly enact a number of needed changes with clarity, strength, firmness, kindness; all of which have been astonishingly liberating. I was only able to do this because of her gift of clarification, purification, and healing, which included going deeply into generational trauma, and healing some of where it began through literally contacting ancestors and transforming their trauma also. She, (Ayahuasca), showed me many, many things about the world in its current crisis, especially what is happening now in the U.S.A which has troubled me deeply. She helped me into a deeper understanding and process with the energetics of world events, so I can work in alliance with her. She is ancient, she is working with us now to raise our vibration, to clean out the karmic residue and she is on a mission! I feel honored to be one of her millions of conduits, to have tasted her – Pachamama – and to know her inordinate power, her depth intelligence, she knows it/ us all, the DNA of our bodies, but she is also us reaching out for our alliance. She will help guide us through these terrifying times, and we are in turn can help her, protect her, love her, vouch for her, be truly loyal servants for her. So don’t hesitate a moment longer to come into this experience and deep relationship with the most primal, intimate, and powerful intelligence of Ayahuasca-Pachamama. If you have the time, money, and ability to do so, go ahead and book your journey now. Really, for me, there is no other teacher (and I have been to many) who can help like Mother Ayahuasca. She is the master Guru, the master therapist, the master oracle, and the great healer and liberator. And Pachamama Temple is a great place to land your body for this journey into your own truth and your deepest heart. There, they will guide and look after you. These are my experiences I share with you. Yours will be unique to you. If, and hopefully when you come, do be careful to have no expectations, but know your journey will be right for where you are, and what is possible and needed at that time. I just want to sign off with deep gratitude to all that made my journey possible at Pachamama; Founders Dominik, Mama Rosa, Maestra Maria, Maestro Felicano, Maestro Gilberto, Maestro Genero, Maestro Luis, and of course Erik who is the glue holding all together, David, and so many more. Thank you to each and everyone. Marie O’Connor (USA)

Marie O'Connor

Most important 2 weeks of my life
I have recently completed a two weeks retreat at the Pachamama temple in Pucallpa, Peru and would like to share my experience which was, needless to say, life changing. The place itself is one with no ego, with facilitators and shamans that perfectly fit into that frame. Everything and everyone there is oriented solely on the individual’s healing process and towards making our journeys easier and more understandable. The facilitators, as well as the shamans (who live on or close to the property) are always available for private consultations and advice and are not mystified or kept in the “ceremony/maloka space bubble”. I went through several ceremonies, first of which was chaotic due to my lack of experience and knowledge on how to approach and work with the medicine or how to cope with a “heavy” journey. I have learned (again with the help and advice of caring facilitators and shamans) that setting your intentions before the ceremony is as important as the diet. Please do not mix expectations with intentions since intentions are as prayers and come with humbleness whereas expectations can only create disappointments as we cannot possibly comprehend the spectrum of Ayahuasca’s artistry, nor should we try to do so. Best advice I could give is to surrender with faith and trust and try to surf on the waves of Her energy without fear or resistance. At the end of the day and no matter how we interpret, understand or not understand the journey, She knows what She is doing and is there to help you. In my case, I found the dosage the be of crucial importance and as with any other medication, even a tiniest bit quantity wise can make a difference and thus, start your journeys with small doses and give Her space to show you the dosage She is comfortable to work with. Furthermore, my approach to shamans changed from one with subtle scepticism and latent prejudices to one of pure respect and I soon learned to treat and approach them with utmost love, respect and humbleness which was exactly what I received from them, regardless of my initial approach. They deserve the same respect that you would render to a physician who would be operating on your heart, since they do the same, but on an energetically and obviously, more subtle level. Mending broken hearts and minds without knives and stitches. Without stitches, however, does not mean less painful. The traditional doctor will give you an anaesthesia where in this case, you must face many dark sides of your brain and even though you will be safe and warm in the maloca and surrounded by loving people, the journeys can be very hard and exhausting, surfacing traumas and fears that were buried deep in the subconscious  creating behavioural patterns and making us into adult auto pilots, contributing all our miseries to something or someone external. The shamans and their icaros guided me through the choppy waters of Ayahuasca, however, the work was mine to be done. The most important and by far the hardest ceremony I went through (I soon learned those are the most life changing and should be embraced as blessings) was the one that went deep into the subconscious and put a spotlight on the very source, the nucleus of the patterns that made me come to Pachamama in the first place. The patterns that made me addictive to being unhappy and judgemental to myself and everyone around me. The medicine took me to the deepest pits of my subconscious mind, where the God given, long time ago forsaken and forgotten child had been timidly hiding from childhood traumas and fears. I saw this child that in a subtle and gradual, but at the same time, aggressive and violent way, got banned from my own existence in a storm called life. It was now in exile, surrounded and safely guarded by many layers ego that dwell as it’s guards, making sure it does not escape from this life long night mare. It was sitting there in the darkest and most unreachable corner of my subconscious being and Ayahuasca, armed with the light of consciousness and teamed up with extremely powerful and experienced shamans, confronted all those guards, took the child by the hand and showed me the divine within. The divine we all came with. I felt as if a tumour had been removed from my soul. A physical ease from heavy burdens that I have been carrying for so long, that I actually became accustomed to their weight. I do realise that the ceremonies serve merely as guidelines and that Ayahuasca is not a gold fish or a fairy with a magic wand. For me, the work begun with the following morning, with the first negative thought that was in the service of the old patterns. The only difference is that that morning, I could actually recognise it as such, instead of attributing it to my personality. We cannot fight our patterns without the light of consciousness and in Pachamama temple, I received all the light I needed. The whole atmosphere of the place seemed like from another dimension. The food was healthy, delicious and prepared with love, I tried fruits I never knew even existed ???? There are innocent and unspoiled children running around the property (Shaman’s kids I realised afterwards), people are caring in a genuine way, conversations are real and friendships for life. The support I got goes beyond anything I have ever experienced in this life and I highly recommend it to all of you brave enough to face and fight that which does not belong to you.





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