3 Day ayahuasca retreat with Maestro’s Luis and Feliciano

Have you always wanted to go to Peru and experience a traditional Ayahuasca ceremony with the native Shipibo shamans but haven’t been able to?

From 8 to 10 September Pachamama Temple on tour will touch down near the Dutch town of Zaltbommel with not one but two of our beloved maestro’s. We send out a warm invitation to everybody who would like to come and experience the magical Ikaro’s of maestro Feliciano and maestro Louis.


Pachamama Temple was founded for those who are seeking profound personal transformation and true healing of the mind, body and spirit. Do you feel lost or out of balance? Are you struggling to find meaning in it all? Are you carrying around old baggage that you are not able to let go of? You will be amazed how many people, especially in the western world, are struggling with these feelings and the inability to heal themselves from past trauma and loss.

Netherlands ayahuasca

Drinking Ayahuasca with the masters

The Shipibo tribe has been working and healing with Ayahuasca for thousands of years and the knowledge they have acquired through the ages has been handed down from generation to generation. Their connection with this beautiful medicine is in their genes, Its their second nature. They have helped many people reconnect to the joy in life we all deserve to experience. Drinking ayahuasca is about cleansing yourself, getting rid of old patterns and negative thinking that does not serve you anymore. With their magical Ikaro’s, which are traditional healing songs, they will treat any blockades in your system and have your energy flowing again. Sitting in ceremony with these exceptional skillful shamans is a very powerful and healing experience.


We have rented an old farmhouse near the Waal river for this retreat that has been converted into a modern group accommodation. The farm has lots of space and is surrounded by a lovely garden for a nice and peaceful walk. They also serve delicious vegetarian meals. Perfect for a ceremony weekend!

ayahuasca Dutch town of Zaltbommel

Live music

We have a special surprise for all who join us in ceremony. The very talented Jennifer Ann will be with us playing her acoustic guitar! She will warm your heart with her beautiful music and golden voice.

You can listen to Jennifer Ann here : https://www.facebook.com/Jenniferannsings


The cost for this 3 day retreat will be € 450,-

Would you like to join us in ceremony or would you like some more information? Please sent us an email at INFO

Would you like to join but you are not able to come during this weekend? We will be in the Netherlands for the whole month of September and we will be providing more information on our agenda soon !