Pachamama Temple

A Traditional Ayahuasca Healing Center in the heartland of the Shipibo People


Pachamama Temple

A Traditional Ayahuasca Healing Center in the heartland of the Shipibo People

A Temple For The Benefit of All

The Pachamama Temple is a Retreat and Healing Center dedicated to sharing the medicine of Mother Ayahuasca, Mother Earth and the ancient wisdom of the Shipibo people. We provide Ayahuasca ceremony Peru for people seeking deep healing and personal transformation, and who want to participate in a powerful exchange with our community of healers and teachers.

Ayahuasca Experience

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Ayahuasca experience the magic of Healing Songs

One of the unique aspects of Shipibo culture is their belief that all beings, including plants, animals and humans, carry a song. During  Ayahuasca Ceremony, our Shipibo shamans sing the songs, or icaros, of powerful plant medicines and helping spirits who can bring whatever healing may be needed. Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll give you instant access to five downloadable mp3 files of healing icaros sung by our shamans.

Rooted in Traditional Healing Practices

Our team of experienced Shipibo shamans works with traditional healing methods and the plants of the Amazon Rain Forest to bring deep healing and happiness to those who seek it. Supported by our carefully selected, English-speaking retreat facilitators, we provide a genuine, caring and safe environment for personal growth and transformation.


Pachamama Temple has made a bold step out of the jungle of Iquitos, where most Peruvian Ayahuasca retreats take place, and into the native land of the Shipibo people where we strongly feel it belongs. Located in Pucallpa, Peru, our shamans work in their natural, family-like environment where our guests can be provided with the highest level of safety and service. Visiting Pachamama Temple will give you the feeling of visiting the healers in their own home, where they are open, joyful and relaxed.

Ayahuasca cermony Peru

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